Monday, January 23, 2012

Create Your Own Labels (Making Wine At Home)

Whether you have just started making wine at home or you have been doing it for years, you will find that you often make more wine than you can drink on your own. Sometimes you will simply store it away for the next dinner party or gathering, and other times you will simply want to give it to a friend or family member as a token of affection or a mere "just because" gift. While creating your own flavors with your personal wine making through experimenting with different combination's of fruit really puts your own mark on the wines, you can really add a new dimension of fun and creativity to your bottles of vino by creating your own wine labels for your bottles.

First, of course, you will want to start with a completely clean, fresh bottle. Many people who are making wine at home for themselves will simply re-use their existing bottles. This is fine for at home, but if you are sharing the bottles and want to give them as gifts, using clean, new bottles is the way to go. You can often find a great selection of bottles in a variety of beautiful shapes and colors online, and when you buy in bulk, you can save some money.

When you have a perfectly fresh and clean bottle, you will have a great starting point for really creating your own unique brand, so to speak. There are some great label templates that you can find online that work beautifully for a starting point for designing a label that is all your own. You can also find some label stickers online, too. When making wine at home to give as a gift, you really don't want to stop at simply making the wine but rather you will want to go the whole nine yards and customize your creation fully with your own bottles and labels. You can even go so far as to write some verbiage on the label about the unique flavor you have concocted in that particular bottle.

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